Work Chic: Navy Cropped Pants and Tan Blazer


Navy cropped Pants work outfit

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ll be wearing my Spring/Summer work uniforms: dresses and cropped pants. Since cropped pants can tend to look casual, I always dress them up with a structured blazer and a nice blouse that I usually tuck in at the waist. This tend to create a more polished aesthetic and upgrade your look from casual to work chic. 

work outfit cropped navy pants


tan blazer

cropped navy pants and cream blazer


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What is your Spring/Summer Work Uniform?




Brunch Look: High Waisted Lace Shorts

On Sunday I celebrated my friend’s birthday at a brunch at 230 Fifth Avenue, a rooftop bar/lounge in Manhattan with a stunning view of the Empire State Building and surrounding areas. I recommend trying the tasty buffet style Sunday brunch and the Irish coffee (especially if you’re a coffee lover like me!)

lace shorts and body suit

With the Birthday Girl




I bought the lace shorts that I’m wearing last summer, but haven’t worn them until now,  because I hadn’t found the right top to pair them with. This bodysuit ( featured in this haul video) gave me just the right proportion for high waisted shorts. Plus, the lace detailing on the bodysuit paired seamlessly with the lace shorts. As they say, sometimes it’s worth the wait.

lace shorts 2


lace shorts outfit

Lace shorts: Topshop, similar here or here
Bodysuit: Necessary Clothing, sold out, similar sleeveless version here
Shoes: Vince Camuto

My Year of Yes



My Year of Yes

“(I) am going to say yes to anything and everything that scares me. For a whole year….

Yes to everything scary.
Yes to everything that takes me out of my comfort zone.
Yes to everything that feels like it might be crazy.
Yes to everything that feels out of character.
Yes to everything that feels goofy.
Yes to everything.” Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes

I completed Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes inspired  that I was going to begin my own Year of Yes. I  am saying yes to everything that scares me. I now know that courage is a muscle that requires exercise to grow.  “Do it afraid,” I tell myself often, it’s one of my life’s philosophies. Fear can box you in, if you let it, or you can face your fears by doing the things that scare you. Even if you are shaking in your boots when you face those fears, face them anyway.  More and more, I intentionally do the things that scare me, even when it feels uncomfortable.  It’s the only way that I know I’ll conquer my fears.

Reading, Year of Yes, revealed that I have more  fears to conquer. There are things that I still need to say “Yes” to, hence I am challenging myself to this Year of Yes.  The time to say “yes” is now. I am saying yes to opportunities I otherwise would have skipped; Yes to self-acceptance; Yes to taking care of my body; Yes to self-care; Yes to relationships and people who love, accept and value me; Yes to difficult conversations; Yes in the face of self-doubt and anxiety; Yes to being comfortable in my skin; Yes to going after my dreams; Yes to being brave;  Yes to vulnerability and authenticity and Yes to love.

I am excited (and a little scared) about this journey, but I am taking it, and I will make sure to fill you in periodically.